Think gallery, but run by someone who learned how to ART in the fantastical, subversive, Timperley tradition and has a huge pash on Frank Sidebottom. It’s like a gallery but in the spirit of Tony Wilson. What we do is a bit different, Is it Fine or Commercial Art? Design? Creative writing? All of the above?

The aim of this project is to celebrate people and communication. To entertain. To make the space bigger than the walls.

Art for us is communication and we want to tell the brilliantly weird and wonderful people’s stories.

We don’t want to exclude anyone from the conversation. No to elitism and pretension. The space is amazing, the community welcoming and wonderful for their diversity.  Our pricing is different, based on production costs, no ego pricing or marketing spend.

We’re basically pushing cheap art onto you lot, like a dodgy gateway to the hard stuff later. “Psst, hey, you lad. have you heard about that GOMA?” That sort of thing.

Literature lost absolutely no status, it isn’t considered low brow or lesser because books are available. Nor shall the life enhancing, culture crossing, undefinable thing we call ART suffer, because I was kids to be able to afford the good stuff.