When I moved to a small village outside of Glasgow, I didn’t know many people.

That changed. The local shop, the place to buy fish and fresh, I discovered to be the epicentre for local news.

But this isn’t a show about a local hero. or the value of small independent shops…This is a show about the delicious delight in discovering, debating, indulging in the doings of our neighbours. We’re full of it, the newspapers, our social media feeds, our chat around the table.

Messages is an indulgence in gossip. A fishmonger shop with fake produce, plentiful and as cheap as talk. All a bit of drama. The walls and fish shout out seemingly pointed and personal, except no, it isn’t, they aren’t.

The words are not about you or me, they’re all *scripted narrative, taken and polished pieces from classic soap opera. Turns out, the stories are universal. Shades, obviously. But when you are dealing with people, we’ve all got similar stuff going on.

Messages and Kitchen Sink are about collected experience. We’ve got grotesques as gargoyles demonstration the unifying nature of our human stories. Our worries, shame, squabbles and pleasures. Who we are is collected experience rather than a statement on a wall.

There is ONE semi- autobiographical piece hidden, buried amongst the fished, because some stuff you really cannot make up.

Angharad Llewis